“I Would Have Never Imagined

My Business Growing 2959% in Just 4.5 Years

But With Ryan’s Marketing & Paid Traffic Strategies We Are Beyond Dominating…”

-Russ Snapper

I work with business owners and help them get an incredible rate of return on their money and become much more profitable, so they can have the business they desire, and not wonder every day whether their marketing will or will not work.

Five years ago, I was a guy who was given only $500 to turn a furniture company around. I created a successful e-commerce website from scratch and studied everything I could get my hands on about direct marketing & paid traffic.  Through trial and error we scaled the company with Google Adwords and sold it in under 5 years.

I went on to help my e-commerce clients do the same – like Russ at SunshineYoga.com who grew 2959% in just over 4 years.

Along the way I discovered one very important thing, which is targeted traffic plus relevant messaging turns into consistent, predictable revenue growth.

Ready to predictably scale & grow your online business? Let’s talk.

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What Others Are Saying…

I would have never imagined business would have grown 2959% in 4.5 years but with Ryan’s marketing strategies & PPC execution we are beyond dominating.  Plus, now the barrier to entry is even higher for would-be new competitors.

In a day where the internet runs amuck with theory guys who vanish at first sign of trouble it’s nice to work with someone who actually shows up and delivers tangible, measurable results.

Russ Snapper, Sunshine Yoga

Ryan of Squeeze Juice marketing is a very savvy marketer.

Awesome guy. Truly cares about his clients. And I’ve told him his rates are too low. So if you have a funnel that converts and you need a pro that knows how to send high quality traffic, I’d contact him and see if you qualify before he takes my advice.

PS – He has literally waded into a pool of alligators and grabbed several by the tail to pull them backwards out of the water. Plus he can bench press a car. So be polite.

Jack Born, AW Pro Tools

You did a fabulous job with this analysis. I especially liked the fact that you mentioned the several tools you used to justify your decisions. Amazing how companies miss the basics. I really like your approach and balancing of client resources – I’d be happy to recommend you

Bryan Esienberg, Author: Always Be Testing, Market Motive

With all the noise and competition from marketing consultants available today, it is rare to find someone who is highly skilled in multiple important marketing fields, has the credentials and experience to back it up, and is very personable to work with.

Ryan is able to bring smoking hot experience and proficiency with current internet marketing techniques such as YouTube Channel creation, ad words on Google and YouTube, Facebook advertising, email marketing, copy writing, InfusionSoft and a host of other hard to find marketing skills.

I highly recommend him.

Tommi Wolfe, The Startup Expert

Ryan is THE MAN. Seriously – he is one of the smartest guys I have ever met and his dedication to mission accomplishment is on par with the best officers I served with as a Marine. I have flown across the country multiple times to meet and consult with him – why? Because he delivers results.

Specifically – Ryan is an expert in Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Google Adwords. He has started and thrived running a business in one of the most competitive industries (fitness) just to PROVE his ability – check it out, millions of views on YouTube and thousands of email subscribers.

This man delivers results – I give him my highest recommendation!

Antonio Centeno, Real Men Real Style

Even if I don’t talk to you for 2 weeks you know what exactly I need and you just go about it.  I have the confidence that even if we don’t speak for a week or two or even a month, things we planned are still happening.

That’s something I really appreciate and look forward to looking a the reports and seeing everything heading the right way.

Sufi Khan Sulaiman, Lorex Technology

Ryan Masters brings tremendous skills, creativity, and energy to his work with clients; he understands the unique principles of social media marketing and has a sophisticated knowledge of web advertising.  Plus, he is fun to work with!

Ryan began working with our non-profit organization in 2010 to increase the visibility of our mission through the web and social media outlets. Ryan analyzed our web traffic and developed a plan to improve its appeal and reach.  In addition, Ryan devised a web-marketing plan to promote our 2nd Annual Run for the Children 10K/3K, a fundraising and community awareness event.  Ryan created Facebook ads for our event and produced a video about the race, which continues to be frequently viewed. By implementing Ryan’s ideas, our social media footprint has improved and we now have a greater appreciation for the power of web marketing.

Though Ryan has moved to Colorado, he continues to consult with us on projects and offer us his expertise on a pro bono basis.

We appreciate Ryan’s professionalism and his continuing friendship!

Lisa Banks, Fairfax CASA

It’s pretty rare in business you come across someone like Ryan Masters, someone who takes the time to understand your needs, we were confused and very frustrated with trying to market our business and at the same time trying to run the business efficiently.

Ryan quickly set us straight for all our marketing needs which has provided the studio with a very consistent & steady growth.

We are so impressed with his skill set that we continue to use his forward thinking for marketing our business with great success.

Ryan would be a great asset for any business wanting to the same

Shane MacIntyre, State of the Ars Dance Studio

Alejandra Costello, Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv

Coaching & Consulting

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  • Infusionsoft
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • E-mail Marketing


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